Mountain Bikes

Challenge your Limits with Mountain Bike

If you are a die-hard fan of, off-road cycling, leave the boring paved streets behind you and step ahead to enjoy nature. The best way to explore it is by – Mountain Bike. And, at ‘Bicycle Works,’ we have a huge selection of them!

We thoroughly apprehend the thrill that you anticipate from riding on the unpaved roads or the pedalling on the mountain trails. At ‘Bicycle Works’ we have designed the perfect bike that will let you keep up with your wish!

Our mountain bikes are the most technologically advanced on the market and are engineered and tested to endure every situation and embrace the latest style. Every range of bike has the best technology implemented with cycling innovations in the world, as each model has been built to ensure a unique personality. All you have to do is, just pick the right bike of your choice and ride to greater heights!

Each of our models is loaded with exceptional features and details that will make your ride on any trail, better.

Characteristics of Mountain Bike

At Bicycle Works, we offer fast and versatile mountain bikes. They are designed to tackle any uphill climbs and make you feel comfortable on your ride. They are associated with 100 mm travel and the components are highly durable, so your maintenance cost is relatively low! We have a wide range of variations in mountain bike, pick your right choice!!!


  • Even the minutest of detail in the bicycle is designed with care
  • Only high-quality components is used in the manufacturing process
  • Each bike is appealing and designed in a unique way


Bicycle Works, helps choose the right frame size of the bike that is essential to make your mountain bike riding a pleasant one.

We help you with all the additional dimensions that you are looking forward – from headtube diameters to the widths of the shock bush, the wheel sizes, etc.,

You will get what you are looking for at our Cyprus bike shop Limassol!

Yes, we will leave you spoilt with choices! Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you!!!

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