Road Bikes

Challenge the Tough Urban Roads with our Road Bike Series

The urban region is as exciting as the countryside, but it involves a lot of challenge to ride through the tough roads unless you have the best road bike on hand. At Bicycle Works, our road bike collection is immensely engineered by the experts, who help store more engineering horsepower than any other bike company. We make the best road bikes that are absolute in class!

All about Road Bike:

Road bikes, also known as the racing bikes are highly popular among the commuters and the weekend riders. At Bicycle Works, we design these bikes to race fast in the most efficient way to bear the lightweight frame materials and narrow tyres with high pressure.

Types of Road Bike

  • Drop Bar Bike

The handlebar of the Drop Bar bikes, feature the horns of a ram. This design allows the rider to take a number of positions and places to relax the hands during the ride. We make sure that the gear mechanism is incorporated into the brake lever to heighten the ergonomics and aerodynamics. Generally speaking, these road bikes have a feature added riding positions, and an upright geometry.

  • Flat bar bikes

The flat bar bikes possess a similar type of frame as that of the drop bar bikes, but they depict the similar feature of handle bar as that of a mountain bike and comparable bike type shifters. This horizontal bar helps with easy riding, with an upright and comfortable position.

Significant features you must know about:

  • Disc Brakes – The disc brakes offer better control, with a more reliable performance, even in the unfavourable condition. Moreover, there is little or no – brake-heat induced rim, or any tire problems. There are no drawbacks!
  • Tyres – The tyres offer maximum comfort, roll faster and offer better traction.
  • Materials – The common materials used to build these road bikes are aluminium alloy and carbon fibre composite. This is to ensure maximum life to the bicycle.

Road bikes in our Limassol bike shop are designed meticulously for an impulsive response.

Feel the joy of riding with Bicycle Works!

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