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The Best Place to Buy Used Bicycles in Cyprus

After people started realising the need for environmental conservation, they have considerably switched over to the Bicycles, as they do not pollute the air. At Bicycle Works, we offer many varieties, helping people to save a significant amount of money. Our offered bicycles are easy and cheap to operate, most importantly they gift the humankind with more miles per calorie of energy and last for years.

But, we advise you to never make a hasty decision in buying used Bicycles in Cyprus, always take a test ride and check the gears and make sure that the bicycle is in sound condition. Only after you check and make sure that all the aspects of the used bicycle match your requirement, go ahead and get one for you!

Here is how we help you choose the right used Bicycles in Cyprus

We help you find the right fit

The most important aspect of buying a used bicycle is to get the one that fits you perfectly. If it is even a little uncomfortable at the start, it will become a lot difficult when you use it for a longer time. We make sure that the handlebars are higher than the seat, so that you don’t have to hunch over it, with a couple of inches gap between the tube and your seat. We help you choose the right one!

We help you find the right brand

Some brands are manufactured to be a little heavy, some brands last long, some brands are of good quality whereas some are generally lower on quality when it comes to parts, which can be replaced with good parts. We help you choose the right one, and make necessary customisations, upon your request, that is why we are the favourite among our customers amid the bike shops in Limassol.

We help you choose the bicycle depending on the speed

If you are intending to ride on a relatively flat surface, then one-speed might work fine for you, but if you are riding on a mountain, then you might want at least three speed levels. We will help you with this too!!

We customise the brakes for you

Most bikes come with brake lever on the handle bars, which are meant one for each wheel.  But if you are riding down a hill, you might want another working hand brake, which we can add it for you!

We tune up the used bicycle in Cyprus for you

We replace the necessary parts, and true up the wheels so that it spins straight. We tune up the bike, to ride in the way you wanted it to!!

Choose from our assortment of used bicycle in Cyprus, and enjoy your ride!

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