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Squeezy Energy Drink Basic Formula is a new and modular sports drink as a base. Add your own flavors, fruit juices or syrups to create your personal energy drink. But even without additional flavors Basic Formula tastes very good and light with a subtle citrus note. Developed for maximum stomach tolerance under (high) physical stress, this modern and isotonic formula without fructose, lactose and gluten provides reliable energy based on a multi-step carbohydrate blend to maintain performance.
Energy supply occurs almost immediately thanks to fast carbohydrates and remains constant for about 20 minutes thanks to slow-absorbing carbohydrates per drinking ration (250 ml). With the added minerals sodium and potassium, Squeezy Energy Drink effectively replaces the minerals lost through sweat. The low osmolarity of Squeezy Energy Drinks leads to rapid absorption and usability in the body. Ideal even at high temperatures.
Ideal for: Endurance sports with high energy requirements (cycling, running, triathlon, cross-country skiing, etc.) in all seasons.
Taste: Neutral, refreshing with a slight sweetness. Can be freely combined with juices, syrups, freshly squeezed fruits and flavors.
Note: Without dyes, flavors and preservatives. Highly soluble in water and quick to prepare. Suitable for vegetarians.
Sustainability: As a product of the ‘Squeezy goes Green’ campaign, the new can body is made of sustainable organic sugar cane
Content: 650g drink powder
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